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What the fuck is wrong with this website

absolutely nothing

Its flawless

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Alexis Diaz paints a new mural for We Aart in Aalborg, Denmark

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The view from a Leaf | by kobire |

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“I was the youngest in the family. I went to Israel first, and the rest of the family was supposed to join me. Nobody made it. We sent letters to each other for the first few years. The last letter I got from Poland came in 1941. It was from my mother. It asked me to send food. Then the letters stopped. I knew that the Germans had occupied Poland, and I heard rumors about the things that were happening. I never learned the specifics of what happened to my family. I never wanted to.”



You are beautiful now. Not ten pounds from now, not twenty pounds. In fact you are and always were beautiful.

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Someone please remind me what noteworthy accomplishment Emma Watson has achieved that makes anyone care about any of her political opinions.

Emma Watson is a Brown educated UN Goodwill Ambassador. She’s been incredibly active in fighting for women’s rights, recently promoting education for girls by visiting Bangladesh, Zambia and Uruguay. 

Even before her speech, she has been repeatedly threatened with sexual assault and has been harassed by people who believed that she had gained too much fame and popularity. Her appearance is frequently used against her, both in terms of treating her like a sexual object and punishing her for not being sexual enough. Even as a minor, websites used to be dedicated to photoshopping her face onto pornographic images and counting down the days until she turned 18. She has experienced first-hand exactly the kind of misogyny that she fights against.

And no less important, her public profile as an actress means that she is a role model for many young girls: Her work and speeches will reach an audience that otherwise tends to be uninvolved in the political process, making her an ideal candidate for the promotion of such programs as HeForShe.

The simple fact that she’s willing to stand up and proclaim herself a feminist in the face of even more harassment is noteworthy enough, not many other young celebrities are brave enough to accomplish that much. 

I love how basic human rights are “political opinion”

well considering that ‘right’ is the product of moral obligation/entitlement and there’s no way to logically derive an ought from a description of your personal moral psychology, yes, your ‘basic human rights’ are effectively just an opinion